Goodbye Coach!

Yesterday Coach Jamie O’meara had his goodbye party at the Sports Page. Jamie was a coach for the Fort Dodge Senior High baseball team. He was a volunteer, but also was a chemist at the labs.  Jamie had his specialties as a coach. He studied pitching all day and everyday. The FDSH team really benefited from what he knew. He had many so called “toys” or pitching equipment to help with one certain problem. I am dedicating my post to him because he has impacted my baseball career, but most importantly my life.

When I was ten, eleven, and twelve years old I had some severe arm problems. When I would pitch I could go for about four to five innings, but I would be fighting through severe pain. The pain I had in my elbow and forearm would sometimes bring me to tears.  My dad started to notice my pain. He contacted Coach O to see if he could give me lessons. The person Coach O is he obviously said yes.

We started lessons last year at the start of January. I worked with him once a week for about twelve to fifteen weeks. He knew who I was because of my brothers. The first session he interviewed me about my pain in my arm. I told him it was from my elbow to my forearm. He started to correct me in my motion and mechanics. He helped me become mechanically sound by using his pitching equipment. We would focus on one thing every week until I got it down, then it was onto the next problem

The fun stuff started after I became mechanically sound. He showed me how to become a pitcher. I was just a kid who threw hard, but relied on just a fastball. He taught me a cutter, changeup, and a knuckle-curve, respectively.  We started perfecting my grips and where my release point should be on certain pitches. Once I got this down I started throwing spots. I wouldn’t throw one hundred percent just focusing on my spots, grips, and release point. Finally, I got to throw a bullpen. He was my catcher and he would call the signs. I threw him about five or six bullpens, but my last bullpen I ever threw to him was my best bullpen ever.

The reason I dedicated this post to Jamie O’meara was because he helped me succeed. He got me out of the hole I made for myself. I had dug myself a very deep hole with my arm problems and bad mechanics. Coach O wasn’t just a baseball coach, but he taught life lessons as well. The one of many life lessons he taught me was you can have talent, but you will go nowhere if you don’t put in the hard work. I will never forget this! This is my final goodbye Coach O! You have no idea how much you have impacted my life! I can never repay you! I am always in your debt! Good luck in Iowa City you will be severely missed!

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  1. Shane,
    What a great person to look up to! You have written very well about your coach and how he helped you in baseball but also with life lessons.

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